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RockAuto Discount Code: 15 OFF Coupon & Free Shipping?

Have you thought by now about using a 15% RockAuto discount code or a RockAuto coupon code when searching online to buy auto parts? We all know that this company offers sweepstakes, giveaways and rebates, that`s no secret. We also know that most drivers buy auto parts from this brand because it also offers cheap prices, even though a RockAuto free shipping service isn`t available.

As the company`s motto says: “here you`ll find all the auto parts your vehicle will need,” it`s much more convenient to get your parts from this type of online auto retailers than going all the way to the shop (if you have one in your local area), only to be surprised that your part isn`t available or the price is too high for what you can afford.

RockAuto – A Leading Online Auto Retailer!

RockAuto is known as a premier vendor, sending thousands of parts to its customers all over the world from more than 200 manufacturers. The RockAuto catalog is updated with new parts on a weekly basis, from door handles, mirrors and bumpers to brake pads and transmission parts.

Being an online auto retailer, Rock Auto doesn`t really own any physical stores where to sell its parts. Customers can only order items from this brand using its official site. After the order is completed, the RockAuto discount parts are shipped via certain carriers to the buyer.

RockAuto Discount Code Guide

Unlike when using an AutoZone coupon, if you are to use the discounts released by this company, certain guidelines should be taken into consideration:

  • RockAuto Discount Code 15 Off – For now, there isn`t any type of 15% discount code, a RockAuto discount code 10 percent or a saving that is higher than 5% off, and it probably won`t be for a while. As you may already know, the company already offers perhaps the cheapest prices on the auto retailing market for the items it sells, so discounts higher than the 5% online codes that are already available is out of the question.
  • Any Discounts for Businesses or Large Purchases? – This auto retailer doesn`t offer any discounts specifically for large orders or businesses.
  • Why RockAuto Sells the Cheapest Auto Parts on the Market? – Have you ever wondered how this company is able to offer so cheap prices for the RockAuto parts it sells? Well, this is mostly due to the fact that the brand benefits of great discounts from most manufacturers for being a high-volume shipper.
  • RockAuto Discount Code Forum: There are a lot of car related forums where Rock Auto is a sponsor. The company uses this type of forums to promote its discounted deals and rebates. Just visit any auto forum on the Vendor section and you`ll most certainly find a sub-category specifically created for this brand.
  • Rockauto Phone Number – Do you want to contact someone from the company for a wrong part or return of your order? You can send an email at or call 1 608 661 1376.

RockAuto: Where to Enter Coupon Code?

You are probably a bit surprised, but according to, there is no “Promotional Code” or “Add 5% Discount Code” field on the checkout page of the website. And although it`s a little confusing, most people think RockAuto has thought to make things in this manner to avoid facilitating its users to abuse of these discount codes. That`s probably why the company advices customers to add their codes in the “How Did You Hear about Us” area, although it`s obvious this field was designed for a different purpose.

So anyway, if you already made an order and you have a 5% discount code that you want to use, go to the Order Status & Returns page, enter your phone or order number along with your email address and in the end click on the “Find Order” tab. Now is the moment when you need to add your discount code in the “How Did You Heard about Us” area like mentioned earlier (you should find the field on the top of the page). If you have a valid discount code, you`ll soon receive a confirmation email in which you`ll have the updated total added.

  • 5786511851593970: 5% Off Save 5% Off Sitewide – Expires 04/23/17.
  • 5810907634808775: 5% Off Total Purchase – Expires 04/23/17.
  • 5699577350843089: %5 Off Already Cheap Auto Parts- Expires 04/02/17.
  • 5723008134461405Buy anything & enjoy extra 5% Off – Expires 04/09/17.
  • 5769037034461405: 5% Off your Order – Expires 04/16/17.

Other savings available at RockAuto now:

  • RockAuto Gift Cards from $25.
  • RockAuto Coupon Code CheckOut Promotional Deals & Rebates Section for Even Bigger Savings.
  • Get New Arrivals at RockAuto.
  • Get Up to 25% Off on Auto Parts and Accessories + Free Shipping Only at Amazon.
  • Up to 15% Off on Auto Parts and Accessories w/ Code at
  • Get 25% Off on Auto Parts and Accessories Products at eBay.

Additional Guidelines when Using 5% Codes:

  • Remember: all 5% discount codes should be added in the “How Did You Hear about Us” field without any characters, number or empty spaces.
  • If your order was marked as shipped, the discount code can`t be applied and you won`t be able to see a “How Did You Hear about Us?” field.
  • Discounts aren`t valid on phone orders.
  • You`ll receive a 5% discount code directly to your email each time you make a RockAuto order.
  • If you have logged into the account, you need only to click on your discount code and you`ll have added to your shopping cart automatically.

RockAuto Discounted Promotions & Manufacturer Rebates

RockAuto loyal customers are aware that not only those often released 5% discount codes can make a difference when ordering RockAuto parts. The giveaways and rebates released by Rock Auto in partnerships with other auto manufacturers also represent great opportunities. Just check out some of the latest rebates that can be found here:

  • $30 Cash Back Power Stop Brake Kit Rebate – Get up to $10 or $30 back with this mail-in rebate for the entire month of March 2017 if you buy at least 1 Power Stop Performance Upgrade Brake Kits.
  • LUND Nerf Bar Rebate – If you become eligible for this rebate, you are able to claim a $50 Prepaid VISA card if you purchase a set of LUND 5’’ or 6’’ Nerf bars up to 31 March this year. – More info!
  • $25 Cash Back AVS Vent Visor & Hood Shield Rebate – You are able to claim a $25 Prepaid VISA card if you purchase both an AVS Ventvisor as well as AVS Hood Shield in 1 single purchase up to 31 March this year. – Read more!
  • Omix-ADA Rebate – This rebate will get you even $200 for a single invoice as well as even $2,000 for the entire year if you choose to buy over $150 Outland, Rugged Ridge, Alloy USA, Precision or Omix-ADA products.
  • LUND Fender Flare Rebate – You are able to claim a $50 Prepaid VISA card if you purchase any 4-piece sets of LUND Fender flares up to 31 March this year. – More info here!
  • $3 ACDelco Spark Plug Rebate – You should be able to become eligible for the ACDelco rebate and get $3 cash back per plug if you choose to purchase any of the following plugs: ACDelco Professional Double Platinum, Professional Conventional, Professional Iridium and Rapidfire Perfonrmance Single Platinum.
  • $48 Autolite Spark Pump Rebate – Receive benefits of even $48 if you buy Autolite spark plugs during the entire year.
  • KYB Shock/Strut Rebate – If you take part to this rebate, you can get $80 cash back up to 30 April this year, only by purchasing any of the following qualifying KYB items: Gas-a-Just, OE Performance, Excel-G, GR-2, MonoMax, Performance Plus, AGX shocks and struts, as well as Strut-Plus Complete Assemblies.
  • $300 Cash Back Rancho Shock/Lift Kit Rebate – Make a suspension system order or buy shocks and struts, and win a $300 and respectively $120 VISA card with this great rebate until the end of June 2017.
  • $100 Cash Back Monroe Shock/Strut Rebate – Get up to $100 back until the end of April this year in the form of a VISA Prepaid card if you buy Monroe shocks or struts.
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free Gabriel Shock/Strut Rebate – You can claim this rebate and get up to $125 if you buy 4 qualifying items until the end of April 2017. – More info here!

RockAuto Free Shipping Guide

Shipping parts can sometimes be tricky. There are parts that may arrive broken or orders that take too much time to be shipped. The below guidelines can help in this matter in some way.

  • Shipping Auto Parts – All parts which are shown in the RockAuto catalog are usually in stock and ready to be ship. However, if a certain part is market “Out of Stock” or “Non-Stock Item,” the product isn`t in stock.
  • Customers are Responsible for Shipping Back the Parts – When using the Order Status & Returns page and ordering auto parts, customers should decide if the parts are worth the shipping costs. This is because after completing the order, if for some reason they want to return the order, they become responsible for shipping the auto parts back.
  • “X” Business Days Shipping Delays for Non-Stock Items – In such situations, the company warehouses don`t have those specific auto parts. However, Rock Auto can order them from the manufacturer, so the “X” actually shows how many business days might pass before your auto parts are shipped.
  • Is There a Rockauto Free Shipping Promo Code Available? – Unfortunately, no! The brand states that it already offers cheap prices for the parts it sells and also that the carriers must be paid for shipping the parts. If it would to offer free shipping coupons, this automatically will mean higher prices to endure by Rock Auto, which unfortunately isn`t an option at this point. Still, to avoid letting its customers down, the company has uploaded a video tutorial on YouTube where it explains how customers can minimize their shipping costs. You can check it out in the “Video” section of this site.
  • Shipping to your Location – RockAuto ships both within the United States and internationally, which includes APO & PO boxes. If you want to see which are your shipping options for the location where you live, add the auto parts to your shopping cart, select the country where you live and then enter your postal or zip code.
  • “X” Days to Ship Because of Destination Address – Your part needs to be transferred to a different location and this may take any number of days. You`ll see this particular message if the shipping address you use is a post office box because certain warehouses do not ship mail or you`re simply located in a different country and certain warehouses cannot ship outside of U.S. If you`ll choose another auto part or change the shipping address where FedEx is able to send the delivery might eliminated this particular delay.
  • E-Mail Address & Phone Number Are Required – Your email address is used for you to receive the order confirmation along with shipment notification that include your order`s tracking numbers. Your phone number is used for you to be contacted if any issue appears with the processing of the order or if the carrier may need to contact you.

Other Advantages from Using RockAuto

RockAuto didn`t become a leader in the selling of auto parts online by mistake. There are a lot of benefits from which customers can benefit from choosing to buy parts from this company. Let`s see which are some of the most important ones:

  • Lower Prices than your Nearest Auto Parts Store – You have probably noticed that RockAuto offers parts just as those that you can buy from your nearby local store, but at much lower prices. You may ask yourself: “How is this possible? Where`s the catch?” The answer is simple. The auto parts sold by Rock Auto have the same quality as the ones sold at any reputable auto part store. The prices are generally lower because the company`s costs are lower. After the customer decides on which parts he wants to buy from the Rock Auto online catalog, the part is ship straight to him from one of the company`s warehouses or on occasion even from the manufacturer. There are no real RockAuto retail stores and there isn`t lots of money tied up in an inventory that moves slow.
  • Discount Codes Can Be Used More than Once – Besides the fact that RockAuto releases online codes pretty often, one of the best advantages of using these codes is that you can use them as many times as you want.
  • Discount Program for Repeat Customers – If you are a loyal customer of this company, you may already know about this particular program. If not, you`ll be glad to find out that there`s a special program created by the brand for customers that buy parts from RockAuto more than once. After 30 days from the last order, the customer will receive a discount code in his email address with a 5% discount that he can use for his next order.RockAuto discount code 15 off

RockAuto Discounts vs. AutoZone Discounts

Without question, on RockAuto we learn that there are 5% discounts codes released quite often. It might not seem a big discount when you think that it`s just 5% off, but the fact that they can be used to buy any item from the RockAuto parts catalogue is a big plus, unlike for example TireRack discounts or Kragen discounts. Also, the 5% discount will not seem so small when larger orders are involved.

RockAuto free shipping has always been a downside when this brand has been involved and that`s mainly because it doesn`t offer such a service. Why? They say because they already offer cheap prices for the auto parts on their catalogue and that carriers must be paid for the shipping services they provide, which in turn will translate as additional costs for RockAuto if it would offer free shipping to its customers.

While most auto retailers have already learned that free shipping is “a must” if they would want to stay ahead on their competition, Rock Auto has remained somehow behind at this particular aspect. For example, Advance Auto Parts has a big advantage only because it does offer free shipping. Perhaps that`s why since 2013 this company is the largest automotive retailer from the United States, after being taken by Carquest under its wing.

Most car owners come from 2 main categories: those who are using Rock Auto discounts coupon deals and those who are using AutoZone discounts. Of course, there are also Pep Boys coupon deals, Advance Auto Parts coupon deals and other auto parts discounts, but most of us who use one or two auto retailers don`t really know the name of that many brands, or know that they exist but doesn`t know much about them. This calls for more research on the matter to know once and for all who is a best auto retailer in terms of discounts.

If we are talking about one of the big pluses of this company is that it offers a wide variety of AutoZone coupons, which in turn will mean bigger AutoZone sales in the end. Just take a small glimpse of the list below of AutoZone deals that can be found on

  • Get 20% Off on Orders of $100+ & Free Shipping.
  • 20% Off $100+ Orders + $10 Gift Card.
  • AutoZone Gift Cards from $10 to $200.
  • Free Shipping for $75+ Orders.
  • Get $25 Gift Card with Each $100 Online Order.

Another advantage regarding this brand is that it offers AutoZone employee discounts and a lot more various AutoZone rewards that employees can use in their benefit. So you can notice from the start that not only customers benefit from the many advantages this company has to offer, but employees as well. As the company`s motto says: “It`s great to be an AutoZoner!”

Perhaps the most important disadvantage when it comes to the discounts this company offers is that they tend to expire rather quickly. Most of the discount codes offered by RockAuto can sometimes last for a few months, while the codes offered by AutoZone don`t really last more than a month.

Another negative thing to be taken into consideration is that AutoZone doesn`t really offer discounts as often as RockAuto discount deals which are released at least a few times each month. Perhaps AutoZone is a bit more popular than RockAuto, but RockAuto offers discounts at lot more often which customers really enjoy.

Is Advance Auto Parts a Better Option?

For all those customers who weren`t able to minimize their shipping expenses by RockAuto, a good option may be to turn to other auto parts discounts, such as Kragen discounts, Pep Boys discounts, and why not, Advance Auto discounts. This last option might prove itself to be the best one because of the popularity of the company. Throw a quick glimpse at what deals are available at Advance Auto Parts:

  • 30% off Orders Over $50: TRT30
  • 15% Off All Orders: AAP15OFF
  • 20% off All Orders When You Join Speed Perks: AAP20OFFSP
  • $30 Off $90+ Orders
  • 10% Off All Orders: AAP10OFF

Remember that this is only a very short list than what this brand is actually offering. You can find more discount deals here.

As many other people, you might think that Advance Auto Parts offers better deals than RockAuto. This is perhaps a matter of debate because it will very much depend on the personal interest of every customer. Still, I think you`ll agree with the fact that a deal that offers $40 off from an order will be a much better discount than one that offers 5% off discount as RockAuto offers.

As already mentioned, perhaps the advantage of RockAuto in comparison with other auto parts companies is that the prices it offers are very low. The competition manages to stay ahead through bigger discounts.

RockAuto Parts

Finding cheap auto parts at the Rock Auto site is as easy as it gets, if you manage to take a few quick things into consideration.

  • Which Auto Part Fits my Car? When finding a part you want, please carefully go over the part`s description to ensure it matches your application. You shouldn`t concern if a certain feature of your car isn`t listed, as manufacturers usually just list relevant info to their auto parts.
  • Does my Car Have Features Listed in the Auto Part Description? You may check your car`s features by reading the owner`s manual, verifying the original auto part or making a VIN search on the internet for decoding the VIN number.
  • What`s the Difference Between the Auto Parts? All the auto parts listed in the RockAuto auto parts catalog will generally fit a version of your car. You should check the auto part`s description to see any differences of fitment (More info).
  • What Are those Flags in the Auto Part Description? Manufacturers frequently offer application info for their local markets, and Rock Auto doesn`t know if their auto parts will also fit cars in other markets. So, a flag will indicate the actual market for which the manufacturer of the particular auto part has offered application info.
  • What Quantity of Parts Do I Choose? Unless mentioned otherwise, all auto parts are priced individually.

Choosing the Best Auto Part Brand

RockAuto claims that all the brands will fir as well as function exactly like the original. There are multiple brands offered by RockAuto so customers are able to make a good decision after considering the quality, reputation, price and all features. So you can be able to better decide:

  • Use the “Choose for Me to Minimize Costs” tool or the “trucks” symbols so you can better find the auto parts that can ship together. This way you`ll also be able to keep your total expenses as low as possible.
  • Take in consideration the preferences of other customers. The parts with the “hearts” mark are sold more frequently for each and every application.
  • Make a click on the “Info” tab so you can learn more about the warranty of the auto part as well as any other related details.
  • The “Choose for Me to Minimize Costs” tool will compare all the alternatives selected by you automatically and you`ll be able to find the lowest possible total expense, shipping including.rockauto coupon code

What`s Your Opinion?

As you probably noticed by now, using a RockAuto discount code or a RockAuto coupon code isn`t really too difficult, but certain issues can always appear if customers don`t pay attention to details when ordering auto parts. And there`s also the matter of RockAuto free shipping to be taken into account, an issue that really concerns the company`s customers but which unfortunately for now isn`t offered by the company.

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